In Verona, the first real cultivation of radicchio destined for the market began at the beginning of the twentieth century, even if they were already present at the end of the eighteenth century in the “broli” (city gardens).

The "Radicchio di Verona Veneto" can be "early type" or "late type" and is distinguished by the following characteristics: sessile, whole leaves, with a margin free of jagged and folded upwards. Favored by the low winter temperatures they take on the typical intense dark red color and, leaning against each other, give the clump the shape of a typical compact heart. The main vein of the leaves, very developed, is white.

For the "late type", after forcing and bleaching, the leaves acquire the typical crunchiness and slightly bitter taste.

The typical production area is the low Veronese plain.

Radicchio is a precious vegetable that offers great versatility for numerous gastronomic recipes and typical first courses.

37100 Verona (VR)
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