By brown we mean the "noble" variant of the chestnut, it is in fact a fruit on average larger, with an elongated oval shape, with a lighter color with well-marked brown streaks, whose thin skin that comes off easily and for the pulp tastier and sweeter. Present in the Veronese territory since prehistoric times, brown and chestnut were exploited as cultivation by the Romans. A choice that proved to be fundamental over the following centuries. From the Middle Ages onwards, in fact, the "brown" has helped our mountain populations to ease hunger pangs in critical moments, providing the precarious diet of time with an integration of vitamins and proteins. Still harvested today with traditional methods, the brown can be cooked in various ways: boiled, baked, roasted (best system); it can be a basic ingredient for various types of sweets.

The production and processing area of ​​"Marrone di San Zeno" is located between 250 and 900 meters above sea level, belonging to the territory of Monte Baldo, which is between Lake Garda and the Adige River valley.

37100 Verona (VR)
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