Along the banks of Adige river


Pescantina is an Italian municipality in the province of Verona, located in Valpolicella about 12 kilometres from Verona.

The origins of the town are lost in remote times. Unlike other places in Valpolicella, few finds dating back to prehistoric times have been discovered in Pescantina, so it is difficult to state with certainty that the area was inhabited permanently before the arrival of the Romans.

Its peculiarity is that it lies along the Adige River, which was fundamental to the development of the town, making Pescantina a crucial junction for trade and navigation until the end of the Second World War.

Very important for the area is the cultivation of the Pesca di Verona IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) peach, so much so that from the first weeks of June until the end of August, during the event 'La pesca a tavola' (Fishing at the Table), numerous dishes prepared with this sweet fruit can be tasted in various restaurants in and around Pescantina.

Pescantina is today a very important centre for thermal wellness: in fact, one of its hamlets, Ospedaletto di Pescantina, hosts two important thermal parks where you can spend a day of pleasant relaxation enjoying the benefits brought by the thermal water, which flows here naturally.

37026 Pescantina (VR)
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