Between Lessina and Verona


It’s  a human-sized town between the Lessini Mountains, Valpolicella and the outskirts of Verona.

Among its strengths there is certainly the tourist-cultural aspect: the area is home to numerous Venetian villas, some traditional festivals and festivals and precisely various wineries.


Negrar di Valpolicella is a lively municipality that loves to reunite the community in celebration. It is no coincidence that it hosts several popular events and festivals, which have lasted for several years now. Kermesse that combine tradition and modernity, characterized by live music, sporting events, food stands with the enhancement of typical products.


Among the most important events, on the first Saturday of December the Vigna di Negrar Group organizes "Negrar a Candlelight" and then the "Community Feast" proposed in September by the Parish of Negrar. The famous "Magnalonga Settembrina" is also held in the same month, a food and wine walk with tastings in the hills of the country, which attracts thousands of fans from all over Italy. And on Easter and Easter weekend, the symbol of the country is the "Palio del Recioto and Amarone" with a tasting, culture and music program that closes on Tuesday after Easter with the awards for the cycling race for amateurs "Palio del Recioto Grand Prix".

37024 Negrar (VR)
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