Gardaland, the most famous amusement park in Italy, on June 13th reopened the gates, in absolute safety for all its guests!


It will start from the checks at the entrance. A careful check will be made on the daily number of entrances and on the safety of families through social distancing.


To very well, to minimize the gatherings, the entrance to the park is a limited number and it is mandatory to book the visit.

You can buy a fixed ticket online, which already includes the reservation, or if you already have a subscription, you must still book the visit in advance.


Body temperature will be measured for all guests and park staff.

All are supplied with protective devices, masks or screens as needed.

In addition, hand sanitizing dispensers will be installed in the different areas of the park.

Gardaland will ensure maximum care of the premises and attractions by sanitizing the areas and sanitizing the surfaces.


Social distancing within the park will be guaranteed.

The most popular outdoor summer attractions, both aquatic and dry, will be available with the support of security measures aimed at maintaining the opportunity to finance visitors, both while waiting and along the way.


The shows - including the live shows that make up the novelty of the 2020 season, "44 Gatti Rock Show" and "Aqua Fantasia", will all be held outdoors.

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