During the end of May and the beginning of June, the spring season has been replacing by the first heat of summer.


Buy seasonal products including fruit and vegetables, it is good for us, that we bring food to our tables in their best period of freshness and flavor, and is good for local producers. Furthermore, thanks to these fruits and vegetables we could eliminate all the waste accumulated during the winter period and fill up with vitamins.


June cuisine on Lake Garda discovers light fruit and vegetables with a high nutritional ratio. In fact, almost all the vegetables and fruits typical of this period are rich and fresh: tomatoes, lettuce, peas, courgettes.


Among the June fruit, lemons and apricots stand out. In addition to being a fruit that gratifies the palate of young and old, the latter are a concentrate of nutrients; they are rich in fiber; can boast a good share of vitamin A.


In June, peaches also compared: fragrant, sweet, fleshy and refreshing, diuretic and purifying, they still have a rather limited caloric content.

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