Grilled fish is a light second course, perfect for spring and summer evenings.


It’s usually made with a mixed lake consisting of lavarello, trota, persico and tinca.


Preparing the grilled fish isn’t difficult, but you need to follow simple precautions and dedicate the right time to the preparation, better if done in the company of friends.


Before putting the fish on the grill, make sure that the red flame of the fire is slightly veiled in white.


At this point you can arrange the grill to heat it and clean it, if necessary, with kitchen paper or a scraper. After lightly grease the grill with oil, so as not to attack the fish. As an alternative to barbecuing, you can cook fish on a good electric grill or on the gas stove.


As the fish is ready, place it in a closed container to keep it warm until ready to serve it: preferably as soon as possible. Alternatively, place it in the oven at a temperature of 75 °.


Add the salt to the fish at the table and only if necessary, otherwise flavor it only with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or flavored oil.


If you don't like marinating, you can accompany the fish with a citronette, made with oil, salt, pepper and lemon, or with a salmoriglio: oil, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley / oregano, lemon.


When you put the fish on the grill it must be perfectly drained.


The fish is very delicate, to prevent it from breaking, you can use the book racks, which you will grease well with kitchen paper, before inserting the fish inside.

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