Figurative art or figurativism, unlike abstract art, concerns the representation of recognisable images of the world around us, sometimes faithful and accurate, sometimes highly distorted. Some of the art styles are essentially figurative such as the Renaissance, Baroque and Realism styles. By contrast, many more recent movements such as Impressionism or Expressionism are also figurative, but less concerned with mimicry with reality. Representation in the figurative arts refers to an image born of the creative mind that, through any kind of technique, architectural, sculptural, pictorial or other medium, becomes an object to be communicated to third parties. Finally, Photorealism and Hyperrealism are current movements of representation of recognisable subjects.

In short, it is a world to be discovered in the rich exhibition of painting, sculpture and craftsmanship on Bardolino's colourful lakefront.

Don't miss a weekend in the open air: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Bardolino welcomes you, as always, with open arms!

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