The PAN Festival, also referring to the god PAN, who represents vitality and creative power, is a festival of the arts, in particular dance, theatre, poetry, music, installations, visual arts, and philosophy (symposia, conferences, workshops) with a focus on the environment, ethics, values, and coexistence.

Each edition of the PAN Festival revolves around a theme. This year's title will be 'Affinity'.

On the last weekend of June, we will inhabit the spaces of MAG and the Parco delle Rocca in Riva del Garda with a rich and multifaceted programme of events. We will investigate the theme of family, ties, and identity in constant change. With the help of our guests, artists, philosophers, and curious people, we will explore and try to understand the concept of affinity, emphasising how relationships are not only determined by blood ties, but also by emotional and spiritual affinity.

As always, it will be three days of art, light-heartedness, inclusion, reflection and fun, enriched by beach bars and DJ sets, beautiful people and lovers of beauty in all its forms.

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