The wineries of Bardolino present...the Novello wine!

Novello wine is not just a young wine but represents a special type of wine that is the result of a production process with different characteristics to normal alcoholic fermentation. The bunches of grapes are placed in steel containers that are saturated with carbon dioxide. The grapes remain in these tanks for a period that can vary from one to three weeks, at a constant temperature of around 25-30 °C. The contact with carbon dioxide induces intracellular fermentation in the grapes, with the transformation of sugar into alcohol.
In addition, the fruity aromas of the grapes and colour are transferred, and the wine's taste is smooth and soft. At the end of the carbonic maceration, the grapes are crushed and sent to normal alcoholic fermentation.

Bardolino Novello was the first novello wine to obtain DOC certification in 1987. It goes well with cured meats, soups and fried fish, but especially with roast chestnuts to be eaten on St Martin's Day.
Sparkling, fruity and fresh on the palate, Novello wine is unique.

Novello wine is ideal for lovers of a light and easy-drinking wine, rich in aromas.
Whether you are a Novello wine enthusiast or not, don't miss the opportunity to taste some excellent wines among those on display in Bardolino during the autumn in Bardolino!

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