The traditional Festa della Renga festival will take place on Wednesday 26 February from 10.00 to 18.00.


An event that stems from an ancient tradition, when the burchieri (river navigators who carried special boats called burchi) that went down along the Adige were forced during the weekend, that is when the river crossing of the city was prevented by the customs barrier near the current Ponte Catena, stopping in the Parona area.

During the break they refreshed themselves in the local taverns and, as compensation, sometimes left the value in goods transported, including a few boxes of herring. And here our "parone" - that is, the owners of the various taverns - learned to cook and serve this tasty fish in an extraordinary way that it spread beyond the confines of the place and thus began the tradition of coming to Parona to consume this fish accompanied by polenta brustolà and good local wine.


Here is the schedule:


- At 10.00 there will be the opening of the kiosks with tasting of polenta and renga, typical first courses, accompanied by the various shades of red Valpolicella wine.


- The reception of the masks will follow in the early afternoon in via Liberale da Verona, the masked procession with the participation of the Papa del Gnoco and the meeting with the city authorities;


- Following performance of majorettes and music with various band bodies of the province.

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