FROM 9/02 TO 25/02 - VERONA CARNIVAL 2020

On the occasion of the 2020 Carnival in Verona the traditional Bacanal del gnoco returns, which this year turns 490 years old.

There are numerous events scheduled for this new edition. The center of the event will be Piazza San Zeno.

Two new items this year: the big masked ride, with over 100 horses, which will parade from the Arsenale in Piazza San Zeno at Sunday 14 February, and the new arrangement of the Venerdì Gnocolar procession.


Here are all the appointments:


Friday 21st February - VENERDI GNOCOLAR PARADE: large parade of allegorical wagons in the streets of the center with meeting shortly after midday in Corso Porta Nuova and departure around two in the afternoon. It is the culminating event of the Veronese carnival, attended by about seventy allegorical floats, majorettes and musical groups from all over the province, thousands of figures and almost one hundred thousand spectators crowded in the streets.


Saturday 22nd February - HISTORICAL RACE ON THE ADIGE: Saturday afternoon the Veronese carnival makes a stop in the Rione dei Filippini with the historical regatta that sees Prince Reboano descend the Adige by canoe and land with his court in the Customs marina. The landing is followed by a procession with the main Veronese masks parading from the Filippini district to Piazza Bra.


Sunday 23rd February - CARNIVAL ON LISTON: the events continue on Sunday morning with the traditional and cheerful party on Liston in Piazza Brà organized by the El Conte del Liston group in which the main masks of the Veronese carnival participate. In the afternoon the party moves to the historic districts of the city and to the main centers of the province.


Monday 24th February - LUNI PIGNATAR: on Monday afternoon the festival of LUNI PIGNATAR takes place in the district of Santo Stefano with music and distribution of minestrone. The protagonist is the Duca della Pignatta.


Tuesday 25th February - MARTEDI GRASSO: the celebrations of the Veronese carnival end on Martedì Grasso with an afternoon party in the district of Porto San Pancrazio (starting at 2.30 pm) and continue until late at night with numerous masked parties in the main clubs and discos towns.

The following day begins Lent, which the Veronese celebrate by participating in the traditional FESTA DELLA RENGA scheduled in the hamlet of Parona with hot wine, polenta brustolà, renga, lots of music, folklore and allegorical parades.

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