Every year on Assumption Day, the Palio delle Contrade takes place in Garda, the most significant festival for the local fishing community and one of the dearest to the people of Garda.

In the stretch of lakefront between the harbour and the town hall, as evening falls, the flat gondolas of nine contrade take to the water, vying for the city's supremacy with oar strokes.

- 11:00 A.M. Announcement of the palio with the Herald Auctioneer through the streets of the town and along the lakeside promenade
- 19:00 First performance by the musicians and flag-wavers in the town hall square
- 19:30 Gathering of the crews and parade with the historical figures of the Magna Aole, Queen Adelaide and King Otto I
- 20:15 Blessing of the crews at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta
- 20:30 Second performance by the musicians and flag-wavers in the Town Hall Square
- 21:00 Palio delle Contrade - the race of the bisse
- around 23:00, at the end of the regatta, the Luci Riflesse firework display will take place on the lake

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