One of the activities par excellence to do during the autumn season is certainly chestnut picking. The ideal time to do it is between the months of September and November, when it is possible to venture into the woods in search of chestnuts that have already fallen from the trees. This is a particularly family-friendly activity as it involves both adults and children, to be experienced as a real treasure hunt.

This delicious autumn fruit meets all tastes and can be cooked in a variety of ways: boiled, in a pan, in the fireplace or in the oven. The preliminary procedure common to all cooking methods is to cut the top of the peel with a knife, making a cut of about 1-2 centimetres.

Before revealing the places to go to pick chestnuts around Lake Garda, let's review how to do it. When the fruits have fallen from the trees they are often still enclosed in their husks, which is why it is advisable to break the wrapping with your feet or use gardening gloves to avoid being stung. Once harvested, chestnuts should be placed in wicker baskets and jute bags, always keeping in mind the weight limits set by local regulations (no more than 2 kg each).

Having made this premise, let us now move on to the focus of this article: where to collect them on Lake Garda?


In the province of Verona, the most sought-after chestnuts are the marrons of San Zeno, which can be found on Monte Baldo, along the woods overlooking Lake Garda. This area, known as 'the balcony of Garda', is an excellent starting point for everyone thanks to the many possible itineraries, from the simplest to the most complex.

castagne san Zeno


This walk starts from the locality La Cà (San Zeno di Montagna - hamlet of Cassola) and arrives at the locality Le Cà (Brenzone sul Garda). This itinerary is also perfect for children, since it is always flat, alternating between paths through wonderful chestnut groves and more exposed points with views of Lake Garda.


If you want to be sure to return home with a basket full of chestnuts, we recommend taking a walk through this estate overlooking the lake, which opens the doors of its chestnut, oak and conifer woods every year. In the woods you can also encounter fallow deer, sheep, roe deer and admire the foliage.

tenuta cervi

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