25th-28th AUGUST 2022

The Fairy Tale Night is the unmissable event that closes the summer in Riva del Garda every year, colouring and lighting up the town and its most characteristic corners with the joy and light-heartedness of dances, games, theatre and music.

The festival involves many people, including volunteers, artists, participants and spectators. About 100 volunteers, 85,000 visitors, 160 hours of entertainment, 2,500 kg of fireworks: these are just some of the numbers of one of the most important events in the north of Garda Lake, which has been handed down from generation to generation since the 1950s. For over sixty years, Riva del Garda has been greeting the summer with the Fairy Tale Night, a celebration of fun and fantasy!

Every year the town is invaded by shows, workshops, games, concerts and stories for all ages, all strictly on the theme of fairy tales.

Since 1999, each edition has centred on a different story that acts as a leitmotif for the event. Each year a different fairy tale, with its characters, good and bad, its scents, its colours, transforms the city into a place of fantasy.

The theme of the 2022 edition is the French fairy tale "THE THREE MOSQUITOES" starring D'Artagnan and his faithful companions Athos, Patos and Aramis. Get ready to travel to a distant time among duels, court deceptions and great heroes.

And don't forget the motto "All for one, one for all!".

For more information and the complete programme visit: https://www.nottedifiaba.it 

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