On June 15 the Terme di Virgilio and Aquaria Thermal Spa reopened.


As always, a medical staff continues to be present in the structures and in general all the protocols both in terms of health but also of well-being and management of the hygiene of the structures, from food to the environment.


Margherita De Angeli, General Manager of Terme di Sirmione introduces the new corporate protocol that regulates the measures taken to be able to welcome guests again:


"Our service levels have for years been certified for Quality, Environment and Safety according to UNI standards. Ours is an industrial company, with a constant and present audit plan, with a Prevention and Protection Manager who has always been responsible for the health of customers and employees and a scientific committee that also includes a nationally renowned hygienist .


We have integrated specific measures for individual structures into existing protocols in line with national protocols and in agreement with the competent health authorities.

We have also improved our already rigorous practices regarding cleaning, sanitizing, catering and SPA management.

In addition, we have chosen to give a new graphic form, a flower of water, to identify these attentions or to ask for a collaboration from the guest. Our guest will be accompanied, in the structures, by our thermal flower that will guide him in the safety of the path. "

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