Torri Del Benaco

Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco

Torri del
Benaco is a little pearl of lake Garda. It is situated in the north-eastern
part of the lake. The first settlements date back to the year 2000 BC, as
demonstrated by the findings of lake dwellings, and the petroglyphs, that you
can not miss. Because of the Quaternary glaciations that smoothed the
mountains, many rocks in this area became natural slates. Engravers, probably
pastors or soldiers who happened to be there, immortalised drawings of weapons,
crosses, geometric figures and human warriors, games and animals. 

The Romans
were the first to build the historic centre, continuously expanded by
successive conquerors as the Goths, the Lombards and, at the beginning of the
tenth century, the Hungarians. In the twelfth century, the Scaligeri realised
how important Torri was for the control of Malcesine and Lazise, that is why
Antonio della Scala ordered to rebuild the castle in 1383, to make it larger. The
little port is dominated by the fifteenth century Palazzo del Consiglio della
Gardesana, where the federation of the ten municipalities of Verona used to
meet, and by the clock tower where, in the Middle Ages,  all heads of families gathered to discuss the
affairs of the community.  The parish
church of Torri was already mentioned in a bull of 1145 and today houses
beautiful marble altars and paintings by Cignaroli, Cappelletti  and Rotari. But there are other solitary
parish churches dating back to the XIII-XIV century, hidden here and there
between ancient streets and olive groves, as the Chiesa di San Giovanni, built
on an old cemetery, the Church of the Trinity, the Church of Sant’Antonio and the
Church of Santi Faustino e Giovita.

37010 Torri del Benaco (VR)
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
Torri Del Benaco
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