Torbole is
situated on the northern Gulf of Lake Garda and is the most popular destination
for athletes, in particular for windsurfing enthusiasts. Its centre,
characterised by a small port, is a picturesque place, surrounded by antique
Venetian homes, such as the Vecchia Dogana, Casa Stefanelli and Casa Beust.

It has
always been a fishing village, until the end of the Second World War, when
tourism rapidly increased. We should mention two important historical events
that took place here. 

In 1439,
the Venetian fleet had to fight against the Visconti from Milan, who controlled
the Mincio,  so, they transporting six
galleys and twenty-five boats by water on the Adige and on dry land, up to
Torbole and used them to defeat the Visconti in 1440.

important date is September 4, 1786 when the poet Goethe was in Italy for the
first time and was fascinated by the wonderful Mediterranean flora full of
fruits and described its winds. In his book “Journey to Italy” he described the
lake and its beauties.

The “Marmitte
dei Giganti”, huge boulders smoothed by glaciers twenty-five thousand years
ago, are a real natural monument which prove that the place was inhabited
during prehistoric times.  

Among the
most interesting place to visit in the area, we find the Church of Sant'Andrea,
considered among the oldest of the lake, already named in a papal bull dating
back 1183 and housing a masterpiece by Cignaroli, and the Pedene castle, on top
of the cliff in Nago, of prehistoric origin and transformed into a fortress by
the Romans, where the clashes between Guelphs and Ghibellines took place.

38069 Nago-Torbole (TN)
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