Marniga is
one of the 24 small towns belonging to the municipality of Brenzone lying along
the beautiful lake shore at the foot of Monte Baldo. They are all small and
nice villages and districts. 

In the beautiful
historic centre of Marniga, the ancient folk festival of San Rocco takes place
on August 16, established in 1836 to celebrate his intercession in bringing the
plague to an end. During the festival, the narrow streets of the district are
decorated to celebrate the collaboration of all districts, attracting more and
more tourists who join the local residents to celebrate this rite. Being a
religious festival, after the Holy Mass is celebrated in the parish church, a
procession with the relic and the statue of the saint takes place. 

Its history
is connected to Brenzone, a relatively ‘young’ comune born in the mid-twentieth
century. The development of these areas was slower due to the topography of the
area, its steep and rugged slopes and a few narrow paths which limited the
construction of roads.  

The first
documents proving its existence date back to the 12th century, when
the municipalities began to develop. During the medieval period, the area was
dominated by several powerful families, such as the Scaligeri, the Visconti,
the Carraresi and the Veneziani.

In the
nineteenth century the economy was based mainly on the extraction of coal and
lime, as well as olive cultivation and on livestock farming. 

37010 Brenzone (VR)
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