Albisano is
a hamlet of Torri del Benaco and is located at an altitude of 309 metres above
the lake water level at the foot of Monte Baldo.  The magnificent panorama of the lake,
surrounded by stunning nature, makes it a relaxing and unique place. 

This area
was already inhabited in the Roman period,  and its agricultural development was helped by
the presence of many springs and rivers. While Torri del Benaco was inhabited
over the centuries mostly by fishermen, merchants and soldiers, numerous
villages populated mainly by farmers developed over the centuries in Albisano. This
explains the presence of centuries-old olive groves, woods and vineyards.

Among its
isolated, picturesque small and rural villages, we should mention “Sorti”, an
area assigned to war veterans chosen at random, “Brè”, an area exploited for
the cultivation of vineyards and cereals. “Bardino” and “Coi” were once
fortified settlements, while  “Locrino”  was inhabited by the “Locrini”, whose name
designated deforested lands. “Sevino” and “Campino” were abandoned in the late
18th century due to the spread of a plague.

Today the
town is mainly concentrated around its square and the parish church of San

37010 Torri del Benaco (VR)
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