• MARKET DAY: Thursday

  • PORT: Porto Centrale - Lungolago Francesco Lenotti, 7

  • PHARMACIES: Alla Madonna - Via Croce, 35; Sant'Anna - Via Verona, 63

  • HOSPITAL: Ospedale Orlandi di Bussolengo - Via Ospedale, 4/6



Bardolino is one of the most popular towns on the lake. Ambivalent in its form, it has an old town centre that is an ancient fishing village, but which today is full of fun, relaxation and good taste with its craft shops, fashionable clubs, typical restaurants and fish restaurants.

Its history is written by the numerous finds such as cippus, tombstones, sculptures and wall structures, which prove that it was an important Roman centre.

Around 829-856, a fierce battle was fought between the Benacesi and Veronesi, the latter having won and even changed the name of the lake from Benaco to Garda.

Numerous barbarian invasions forced King Berengar I to build the castle in the 9th century, which was later enlarged by the Scaligeri with strong walls and reinforced with towers, battlements and battlements.

Bardolino was a very active centre, documents dating back to 1222 confirm the existence of fishermen's guilds, an activity that gave the village its typical 'comb' shape, with houses in sequence perpendicular to the beach.

The medieval walls resisted until the 19th century when they were demolished for the construction of the parish church and the Verona-Garda railway line.

Like all neighbouring municipalities, it passed under Austria, the Napoleonic Kingdom and the Lombardy-Venetia Kingdom, becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

Its morainic hills are the territory for the cultivation of the vineyards of the Bardolino wine of the same name.




37011 Bardolino (VR)
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