Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach
Jamaica Beach


  • Stony beach

  • Free access

  • Pay car park nearby

  • Sunbed and parasol hire

  • Bar

In Sirmione, close to the Archaeological Area of the Grotte di Catullo, you will find Jamaica Beach (or Giamaica Beach), one of the most popular beaches of the beautiful and charming town, a corner of paradise, a dream location with crystal-clear water.

Sirmione's Jamaica Beach is located immediately after the more famous Lido delle Bionde if you arrive directly from the Rocca Scaligera.

To reach it, it is necessary to go all the way through the historic centre of Sirmione and from here, it is possible to choose between two roads, one more impervious and the other, decidedly more comfortable; the more 'uncomfortable' one was until not so long ago the only one that could be used, in fact, to get there it was necessary to go beyond the historic centre and follow for Punta Staffalo, taking care because, depending on the height of the lake, one risked having to walk with water even up to one's knees.

Its name, Jamaica, is reminiscent of the beautiful tropical beaches of Jamaica.

Characteristic of this place is not only the crystal-clear water, but the stone slabs that outcrop, allowing long walks or soaking in the shallow water; this creates small pools here and there and makes it possible for even children to stand there freely without danger, however, it is necessary to be equipped with comfortable shoes because the boulders are very slippery and one risks falling easily.

25019 Sirmione (BS)
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