Lake Garda, thanks to its geographical peculiarities, offers all water sports enthusiasts perfect conditions.

The southern part of the lake is more open and has calmer water, which is why it is perfectly suited for the practice of other types of water sports, such as water skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, etc.

Wakeboarding, also called 'snowboarding on water', is an intense and dynamic sport. The movement is very similar to that of snowboarding.

Beginners or anyone wishing to perfect the manoeuvres can practice at 'Wake cable parks', i.e. a flat stretch of water with constant traction provided by a cable system.

Alternatively, the sport can be practised by towing a special wakeboarding boat, which produces beautiful waves that are indispensable for making all kinds of jumps. The sensation of surfing, the possibility of performing various manoeuvres, stunts and jumps is particularly appealing to all age groups and young people in particular.

There are clubs and schools recognised for teaching both beginners and experts in the various disciplines and for supplying all equipment of the highest standard.

With the assistance of an experienced and qualified instructor, you can enjoy this experience in complete safety, worrying only about learning how to do acrobatics on the water.

It is possible to rent the necessary equipment for water skiing and wakeboarding, and the most popular centres are Bardolino, Lazise, Desenzano del Garda, Limone sul Garda, Brenzone and Gardone Riviera.

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