Lake Garda of glacial origin is 346 m deep and, due to its conformation, has different types of seabed, from rich rock formations to gentle sandy bottoms. The lake therefore offers countless diving spots along the entire coastline.

While the lake will fascinate you with its natural wonders, an underwater adventure will be no less: you will discover breathtaking views of rocks and canyons, explore the seabed with its mysterious historical shipwrecks and myriads of perch, pike and burbot.

Below we have identified some of the best dive sites for you:

  • Galea di Lazise (VR): suitable for rather experienced divers, this is a galley that was sunk about 500 years ago;
  • Athos in Brenzone (VR): there is a platform and is suitable for all licences;
  • Madonna dei scuba divers at Assenza di Brenzone (VR): this is an iron statue at a depth of about 18 metres;
  • Secca di Trimelone at Assenza di Brenzone (VR): here one can follow three underwater routes Canyon, Jump and Parete;
  • Wreck at Malcesine (VR): iron cabin cruiser that sank in 1986 at a depth of 35 m;
  • Isola dell'Olivo in Malcesine (VR): small cave at a depth of 13 metres;
  • Crib in Torri del Benaco (VR): crib laid at a depth of approximately 24 metres;
  • Platforms in Torri del Benaco (VR): 4 platforms from 10 metres to 40 metres depth;
  • Christ in Riva del Garda (TN): statue placed at a depth of about 15 metres;
  • Octopus in Torbole (TN): different routes, a statue of a Madonna at a depth of 12 metres and an incredible split in the seabed at 43 metres;
  • Wreck at Salò (BS): large boat at a depth of about 30 m;
  • Wreck of the Draga at Gargnano (BS): wreck signalled by a buoy located at a depth of approximately 40 metres;
  • Wreck of the Triton at Desenzano (BS): a rather recent discovery at a depth of about 40 metres;
  • Pinnacolo at Campione del Garda (BS): rocky pinnacle at 40 m depth, dive suitable for experienced divers.
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