Lake Garda is of glacial origin and over the centuries torrents have carved deep gorges that are perfect for canyoning.

Canyoning consists precisely in descending these gorges on foot. The progression takes place in the bed of the watercourse, with the right equipment and accompanied by a mountain guide who will help you with the rope to descend along the streams often alongside or inside beautiful waterfalls.

At Lake Garda we can canyoning seven months a year, every day from April to October.

There are many canyoning itineraries on Lake Garda and in Trentino, which are fun and within everyone's reach as long as you are not afraid of water. You can participate alone or as a couple, joining one of my groups, or with your friends.

Some of the canyoning sections of the Vione in Tignale and the Rio Nero in Val di Ledro are particularly suitable for children from nine years of age because they are fun, easy and without obligatory passages.

Here are some of the routes:

  • Canyon of Rovereto or S.Colombano
  • Canyon of Rio Nero, in Val di Ledro
  • Canyoning in the Palvico gorge
  • Canyon of Vione or Tignale
  • Canyoning at the Albola stream, near Riva del Garda
  • Canyoning Vajo dell'Orsa

37016 Garda (VR)
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