Scala Castle

Scala Castle
Scala Castle

The Scaligero Castle on the Torri del Benaco lakefront houses the Museum, which displays a series of artefacts and objects related to the town's past craft-industrial activities. From the entrance, where there is a well with a yellow marble true, there is access to the house adjacent to the tower, the keep, now home to the museum. The museum structure consists of several rooms, each dedicated to a theme. In the hall of the caulkers, craftsmen responsible for the construction and repair of boats, it is possible to see the working tools of this category of craftsmen, including three planes, one of which is very large, various suckers and saws, and three axes, the cutting tool symbolising the caulkers. One room is dedicated to olive oil, the territory's product par excellence along with wine, and the oil press. Inside this section are tools for extracting and producing oil, while outside you can see an oil press in use throughout the 20th century. The fishing room is in turn divided into sections and exhibits all the tools used in fishing on the lake, from the different types of nets, which, depending on the species to be caught, have different materials, meshes and types of use, to tools for sounding the seabed and boats. Another room is dedicated to the fishermen's guild founded in the Middle Ages known as the Ancient Originals, in which, among other objects, a series of documents and photographs narrate their history. Another part is dedicated to the appearance that Torri del Benaco had in the past, depicted in a model located in the centre of the room, and lastly, the space in the attic of the building houses the rock engravings found in the caves of the surrounding area, the concentration of which is very high. The Museum area also includes a visit to the Limonaia, the beautiful lemon house, which bears witness to the cultivation of this citrus fruit in one of the northernmost areas of the Mediterranean.

Viale Fratelli Lavanda, 2
37010 Torri del Benaco (VR)

Open from April to October:

  • 01 April to 15 June: 9.30-12.30; 14.30-18.00
  • 16 June to 15 September: 9.30-13.00; 16.30-19.30
  • 16 September to 31 October: 9.30-12.30; 14.30-18.00

Closed on Mondays.

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